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Event Design

Making Your Event Come To Life!

Our passionate and innovative team understands how important every aspect of your event is, especially the planning & design part. With the correct lighting, design, and planning, your event will be one that you and your guests will remember forever!

The Simple Process

  1. We discuss the details of your event and what your vision and inspirations are.
  2. We come up with a proposal with a few possibilities with various options based on your needs and wants and will create 2D and 3D renderings showing what the event will look like.
  3. We discuss the proposal and the various possibilities and options, work with your budget, and set up a project team that will work with you from planning to post-production.
  4. After finalizing the proposal, we collaborate with you, the venue, and all of your other vendors to ensure everything is on schedule before the event date and that the event runs smoothly.

Our Design Portfolio

String Lighting

Edison Bulbs create an atmosphere like no other.  Whether your event is outside, or in a historic barn, these lights will really bring the rustic outdoorsy feel to the setting!

ST40 Edison Bulb

$2.00 per ft.

B40 Edison Bulb

$1.00 per ft.

G40 Edison Bulb

$0.50 per ft.

Pipe & Drape

Pipe & Drape is a perfect way to take a plain background and create something simple but clean. A simple white drape with uplighting can create a new atmosphere for your event that’ll look gorgeous in the photos as well as in person!



Mobile Stage Platforms

Looking for a mobile stage platform?  We’ve got you covered.  From a high-school commencement to a local fashion show, we have exactly what you need to elevate your event!

Call us for a custom quote!

8ft x 4ft

4ft x 4ft

4ft Quarter Circle

Stair Cases

ADA Ramps

Safety Rails

Panel Wall Tiles

Panel Wall Tiles create a unique backdrop that can either be lit with color, kept white, or we can project a graphic or image

Square Panel

Diamond Panel

Rectangle Panel

Lighting & Effects

Uplighting at Lancaster City Marriott



Pattern Gobo


Intelligent Lighting

Name In Lights


Starry Sky




Stone Wedding - Confetti

Confetti Cannons


Clouds & Fog

Snow Machines


C02 Cannon

C02 Cannon

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