The Bride and Groom First Dance is one of the happiest moments of the entire Wedding Reception. As you plan your wedding, it’s one of the many little decisions you’ll make along the way.

The placement of the First Dance in the schedule is a personal choice. In most cases the First Dance follows the Grand Entrance into the reception room pretty much immediately. When this is done, the meal usually follows and open dancing is scheduled later, this can allow the Bride and Groom to have their special moment as soon as they enter, with all eyes on them, and it also relieves the stress for the rest of the evening because the hard part is over, now it’s time to let loose and have fun. You can break that pattern if you need to and we’ve seen the first dance influenced by the logistics of the event location and the style of the event. Some Weddings are very non-traditional, or have longer receptions, and it’s often appropriate to hold the First Dance after the meal.

Even if you do not like to be in the spotlight, our suggestion is to keep in mind that this is one moment your guests will want to see and it is one of the most memorable moments of your wedding. We suggest taking a few dance lessons to ease the pressure and loosen up for the dance. If you aren’t the dancing type, don’t try to choreograph a complex Sir Mix-A-Lot surprise dance routine, it will seem too arranged. But dance lessons can definitely help you to look and feel as natural as possible for your First Dance.

But what song to use! With so many songs to choose from, how do you decide? The First Dance song is a very personal choice. My suggestion is that you grab your iTunes or CD collection, sit together for an evening, order in, and listen to a lot of your favorite songs. Look up the lyrics on Google if you don’t know them and think about what the song is saying to and about you as a couple. Is the song easy or possible to dance to? Get off the couch and grab your fiance and dance! Find out if you want to dance to this song by dancing to it in your living room, in a very private and intimate moment, you’ll know if you want to share this with everyone you know and love.

Once you’ve chosen the song, let your DJ know immediately. Then they’ll be able to have the song prepared and backed up on 2 computers or a CD player, ready to play at the right moment. A DJ will be able to accommodate any song request you provide in advance, but it will work a little differently if you hire a band. Make sure they can handle your song request or consider picking from a list of songs they suggest – otherwise, have them play the original recording for your First Dance. It’s your choice because it’s your wedding.

We’ve seen a lot of First Dance Songs and you really can’t go wrong with those classic choices. I am also pleasantly surprised by an obscure song selection.
The most requested 1st Dance Song? I would have to say it’s “At Last”, by Etta James, but a few others that keep coming up are “Better Together” by Jack Johnson, “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, and “I Could Not Ask For More” by Edwin McCain.
Here’s the list of the last 15 songs chosen for the Bride and Groom’s First Dance at receptions DJ’d by Elegant Event:

1. Just Because – Nikka Costa

2. I Finally Found Someone (Bryan Adams & Streisand)

3. Your Song – Elton John

4. Be Mine – David Gray

5. Backwards and Forwards – Aztec Camera

6. At Last – Etta James

7. Better Together (Jack Johnson)

8. Crazy Love (Ray Charles)

9. I Could Not Ask For More – Edwin McCain

10. Over The Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

11. I Could Not Ask for More – Sara Evans

12. Lost In This Moment~Big & Rich

13. The way you look tonight by (various artists)

14. Making Memories Of Us – Keith Urban

15. You Are My Home – Vanessa Williams and Chayanne

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