I found a great Blog on Planning that caught my attention…’Planning…Forever Events Blog‘, . The blog is titled, “love your wedding florist“, and it’s from the site’s special series, “loving your wedding vendors.” I am quite knowledgeable on how a wedding DJ gets their “amazing” title due to working with Elegant Event Entertainment’s DJ division, and reading all of the blogs on the EEE site; however, I didn’t know many of the details about other wedding vendors. Reading this blog gave me a better understanding that the wedding florist is just as important as any other planned detail of the wedding. I now know that one should trust their wedding florist, due to the simplest fact that being a florist is their chosen profession and it’s what they do week in and week out, they are a Professional in their field, they make it their business to know a zillion kinds of flowers.

This article’s “behind the scenes” was a great story.You see that a well trained florist can work under any amount of pressure. When problems occur at the last minute, they get worked through and fixed versus simply saying, “too bad, the bride is going to have to deal with these arrangements, and like it.” The florists in this article showed how important it is to put the bride’s needs first by giving everything they had to the event and rearranging the flowers to the bride’s highest expectations. This also showed dedication and professionalism, which is a necessity in the wedding industry.

One last thing I got out of this article was that a great wedding planner would know the bride’s likes and dislikes even if all the other vendors were somewhat misinformed by the bride, the planner should be taking the time and be organized enough to collect a ton of detailed information from the Bride and Groom to make sure the event is flawless. If the New York wedding planner in this article would not have known such detailed information, the flowers would have not been changed. That could have ended with the possibility of the bride being very unhappy, and thus, a failure on the planner and every vendors’ part. Great wedding planners know their clients needs and they know how to communicate those needs to all the other vendors. When Brides and Grooms have a great Wedding Planner on their side, they won’t be stressing about what will or won’t get accomplished or whether a DJ or photographer is doing his job or a florist has the correct flowers, or the caterers are on time…hiring a great planner helps you hire other great vendors, because great planners know great vendors, and ultimately, this makes for a great event!”

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