If you’re in the stages of planning your wedding and hiring your vendors, you’ve probably noticed that prices are all over the place.  You don’t want to go way over your budget, but you also don’t want to ruin your wedding by hiring the wrong vendor, or an unprofessional one.  If you think about everything that goes into a wedding, there are two things that you and your guests will always remember.

  1. The entertainment and how much fun everyone had.
  2. Photos/Videos

Let’s face it, the cost of a wedding varies based on what you want to make of it.  It’s just like when you’re out shopping or buying a new car.

Like many other Wedding DJs, you may see similar offerings, options, add-ons, and guarantees.  Like any service business, comparing company to company, professional to professional, DJ to DJ, they may all look alike, but if you do some research, you will truly see that there is a huge difference.

We like to break down DJs to three categories so you understand what your investment will go towards.

Budget Wedding DJ: $200 – $850

Setup and presentation are not clean, guest engagement is not present, mispronouncing names occurs frequently, throws corny jokes around, can’t read crowd, not sure what to play next, proper song mixing is not present, can’t keep people on the dance floor, not licensed nor insured, lighting is insufficient and bland.

Your Average Professional Wedding DJ: $1200 – $1700

Setup and presentation are clean, guest engagement is strong, mispronouncing names rarely happens, reads the crowd and knows what to play next, proper song mixing, keeps the timeline on point, keeping most people on the dance floor for most of the night, lighting is sufficient, sometimes licensed and insured.

Boutique Wedding DJ: $2000 – $5000

Setup & presentation are spotless, guest engagement is strong, mispronouncing names never happens, keeps the timeline on point, reads the crowd and mixes song after song to make it sound like one long song, keeps everyone on the dance floor the entire night, lighting and design are perfectly placed accenting walls, ceilings, etc., emergency backup plans in place, pre-planning with the couple starting at booking, usually their full-time job, always licensed and insured.

This guide is to help you understand the difference in cost between DJs.  It’s not just a “they’re $100 less” kind of thing, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you want to guarantee you’ll have the best night of your life.

DJ Tyler Ross

Founder & President | Ross Productions

(717) 799-7529


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