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Time To Celebrate


Teens deserve the best of the best when it comes to an out-of-this-world party. They've worked so hard to get here, so let them enjoy the best Prom they'll ever be at!


Ross Productions was born on the foundation to do everything different.  Opting for a boutique DJ approach, we tailor every aspect of your event starting with our presentation.  This allows for a truly customized experience with a dash of creativeness, innovation, and excitement.

Recognizing the individuality of each event comes from our extensive experience in handling successful weddings, nightclubs, corporate events, mitzvahs, and various other events. We understand that your event should be a one-of-a-kind experience, mirroring your personal style, preferences, and tastes. Our goal is to ensure it is absolutely flawless and unmistakably perfect, tailored just for you.


Excellent Mixes

Throughout your event, our DJs mix LIVE.  This creates a unique and customized experience that cannot be duplicated.


Unique Music Selection

From clean and radio edits to producers’ favorites and our custom edits, we will read the crowd and play what will keep everyone dancing.


Professional MCing

We make every announcement loud, short and sweet.  No “Uhh’s”, mispronunciations, or cheesy jokes.


Prom night is a highly anticipated event for high school students, marking the end of an era and the beginning of new adventures. To ensure a memorable and extraordinary prom experience, every element of the event needs to be carefully curated. One crucial aspect that can elevate the energy and excitement of the night is the choice of DJ. Ross Productions stands out as a premier provider of prom DJ services, bringing professionalism, expertise, and a knack for creating an unforgettable atmosphere


For Junior High and High School students, there is nothing quite like having a school dance! This is a time for them to finally ask that special someone out and to have a night that allows them to get beyond the boring repetitions of the school day. Ross Productions understands that it is key to keep an eye on the room to ensure that everyone is dancing and having the best possible experience. We plan things out to meet the needs of the school as well. With schools having guidelines in place of what is and is not acceptable, we guarantee that music is age appropriate and that dancing remains fun too. Every detail is planned out so that each time the kids hit the floor, you don’t have to worry about what they are going to hear. Parents will love knowing that the music played for their children is appropriate, while students will love having a chance to dance to some of the hottest tracks on the charts.



We help tie in the right music to fit the fun theme your students come up with! As you might know, every prom tends to have a theme, so a prom DJ should take the time to ensure that the music doesn’t clash with that theme. Even a homecoming DJ incorporates elements of what the classmates returning would prefer to listen to and mix it with a modern tunes so that every generation is represented. We can even take your audience through a span of time to give them the ultimate music experience.


When you need to make an announcement, we have a microphone all ready to go for you to use. That way, you can make announcements, call people up, and do anything that you need to. With that in place, you don’t have to worry about the music being the only focal part of the night. If you prefer, we can make the announcements to help you out. Just note that we are not those who will go out there and make jokes. Instead, we can tell people voting is almost over for Prom King and Queen, or we can make routine announcements as they are appropriate for your event. Just let us know how much (or little) you’d like us to interact when we meet!



You’ve made the choice to organize the standout event of the year. Now, how can you ensure it becomes a memorable topic among guests for years to come? Ross Productions offers a solution: event enhancements.

Elevate your event to new heights.


Let’s face it, the cost of a prom varies based on what you want to make of it.  It’s just like when you’re out shopping, or buying a new car.

Like many other Prom DJs, you may see similar offerings, options, add-ons, and guarantees.  Like any service business, comparing company to company, professional to professional, DJ to DJ, they may all look alike, but if you do some research, you will truly see that there is a huge difference between them and us.

Our investments work similarly to how any boutique company operates.  We tailor every service and enhancement to your vision to create that leaves you with the greatest day of your life, and memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Investments begin at $1500 and average $3500.





The most important lighting element for any event is uplighting, a simple yet highly effective feature that transforms the venue’s ordinary lights into a magical and romantic setting. During dance floor moments, the wireless uplights transition into Party Mode, syncing with the music’s beat and changing colors for added excitement.



Seize the opportunity to stand out to your guests by projecting an elegant monogram on a wall or the dance floor. This unique touch sets your event apart, emphasizing that the day is exclusively about you. Customize the experience by designing a monogram, selecting white or mixed colors, and deciding on animation. Upon arrival at the venue, our team ensures the monogram becomes a captivating centerpiece for your event.



The Enchanted Mirror is the perfect Photo Booth, providing an exciting interactive experience that you and your guests will be obsessed with. This Photo Booth comes with both physical prints (2×6 or 4×6), digital copies, photo strip guest book, and an attendant to assist.



The Enchanted Mirror is the perfect Photo Booth, providing an exciting interactive experience that you and your guests will be obsessed with. This Photo Booth comes with both physical prints (2×6 or 4×6), digital copies, photo strip guest book, and an attendant to assist.


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Bring the electrifying ambiance to your celebration with our CO2 guns. Picture the coolness factor of igniting your event with this exhilarating experience — CO2 cannons truly rock!



Personalize your event with our lit marquee letters, providing a stunning backdrop. Select from 4FT LOVE Letters or spell out your entire last name for endless possibilities. We offer full alphabets and sets of numbers in 2FT, 4FT, and 6FT for added customization.


Slayed at our wedding

DJ Tyler SLAYED our wedding. We knew Tyler and his company very well, but had no idea other than from photos and videos how amazing they actually were.

5.0 rating

Tyler S.

Absolutely Incredible!

We hired Ross Productions for our wedding. Tyler has a great network of professionals to help you with pretty much anything you need. Everyone was kind, professional, on time, and fun to have around at the wedding. We liked this company because it was like having a single point-person for all things entertainment, lighting, photo, decor, ect.

5.0 rating

Brittany B.

Great DJ who captured our vibe but knew when to take the reins

Choosing Ross Productions, Tyler and Tony for our wedding was undeniably one of the best decisions we made during the planning process. We were at ease and excited, knowing he would do an exceptional job, ensuring we had a memorable and enjoyable wedding – which indeed we did!

5.0 rating

Michael K.

Excellent Wedding with Ross Productions

We cannot praise Tyler and Ross Productions enough. From day one, they treated us with the utmost professionalism, organization, and a sincere commitment to making our dreams come true on our wedding day.

5.0 rating

Courtney E.

Thoroughly enthusiastic & engaging!

Tyler was fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family, in fact two people have approached me since the wedding to ask for his contact info because of how well everything went at my wedding.

5.0 rating

Kate B.

Literally the BEST DJ/MC EVER!!!!

Tyler the DJ, rocked it out. I've been to a few weddings, and a lot of clubs, a lot... but I've never seen anything like this. He mixed perfectly, played with words from different songs like it was a game, and never let a song die out. Absolutely Amazing. That's all I can say. I'm a little hungover today, but I'm still in shock with how fun that wedding was.

5.0 rating

Josh K.

Best wedding we’ve ever been to!

Their engagement with us was unlike anything I've ever experienced, and we didn't have to ever request a song because it was just a surprise after another surprise. I'm definitely hiring them for my own wedding in 2025 and HIGHLY recommend you work with Ross Productions!

5.0 rating

Gillian D.

Beyond Incredible!

Tyler and his team exceeded our expectations and they flawlessly executed the specific timing we wanted for our songs, and our guests showered us with compliments about the music. Thank you for contributing to the fun and success of our wedding ceremony, reception, and after-party! Tyler, you are absolutely fantastic!!!!! A solid 5-star rating across the board!

5.0 rating

Mark H.


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