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Time To Celebrate


Student's deserve the best of the best when it comes to an out-of-this-world party. They've worked so hard to get here, so let them enjoy the best Prom they'll ever be at!


Prom night is a highly anticipated event for high school students, marking the end of an era and the beginning of new adventures. To ensure a memorable and extraordinary prom experience, every element of the event needs to be carefully curated. One crucial aspect that can elevate the energy and excitement of the night is the choice of DJ. Ross Productions stands out as a premier provider of prom DJ services, bringing professionalism, expertise, and a knack for creating an unforgettable atmosphere


For Junior High and High School students, there is nothing quite like having a school dance! This is a time for them to finally ask that special someone out and to have a night that allows them to get beyond the boring repetitions of the school day. Ross Productions understands that it is key to keep an eye on the room to ensure that everyone is dancing and having the best possible experience. We plan things out to meet the needs of the school as well. With schools having guidelines in place of what is and is not acceptable, we guarantee that music is age appropriate and that dancing remains fun too. Every detail is planned out so that each time the kids hit the floor, you don’t have to worry about what they are going to hear. Parents will love knowing that the music played for their children is appropriate, while students will love having a chance to dance to some of the hottest tracks on the charts.


We help tie in the right music to fit the fun theme your students come up with! As you might know, every prom tends to have a theme, so a prom DJ should take the time to ensure that the music doesn’t clash with that theme. Even a homecoming DJ incorporates elements of what the classmates returning would prefer to listen to and mix it with a modern tunes so that every generation is represented. We can even take your audience through a span of time to give them the ultimate music experience.


When you need to make an announcement, we have a microphone all ready to go for you to use. That way, you can make announcements, call people up, and do anything that you need to. With that in place, you don’t have to worry about the music being the only focal part of the night. If you prefer, we can make the announcements to help you out. Just note that we are not those who will go out there and make jokes. Instead, we can tell people voting is almost over for Prom King and Queen, or we can make routine announcements as they are appropriate for your event. Just let us know how much (or little) you’d like us to interact when we meet!





The most important type of lighting for every event is uplighting. This simple but very effective light completely transforms the basic plain lights of your venue into a truly magical and romantic scene.



Our Magical Sparkulars will surely light up the night and give your guests a ‘spark’ of how much fun they’re going to have when the dance floor opens.


C02 Cannon

Letting the FUN out at your wedding has never been better than our C02 Club Cannons! These C02 blasters are perfectly safe as they just shoot out C02, but they’re the best way to have fun with your guests while dancing to your favorite banger!



The Selfie Station Photo Booth is an exciting and affordable way to provide you and your guests with a fun interactive experience while capturing all the best moments from your event! Don’t forget to sync your phone to the booth so you can immediately share your pictures right to your social media accounts!


Name in Lights Monogram

This is your chance to STAND OUT to all of your guests. An elegant monogram projected on a wall or on the dance floor will set you apart from other weddings, showing your guests that today is all about you.

The customization starts when our team, or the two of you design a monogram, choose if the light will be white, or a mix of colors, and whether it is animated or not. When we arrive at the venue, we’ll determine the best fit for the monogram to that it becomes a centerpiece to your wedding.



From snowflakes to a night sky, the opportunities are endless.  We want your venue to look amazing,  so when we project patterns on the wall, we know the transformed space will make your jaw drop.


Let’s face it, the cost of an event can vary widely based on what you want to make of it.  It’s just like when you’re out shopping or buying a new car.

Like many other Prom DJs, you may see similar offerings, options, add-ons, and guarantees.  Like any service business, comparing company to company, professional to professional, DJ to DJ, they may all look alike, but if you do some research, you will truly see that there is a huge difference.

Investments start at $2000


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