Why should we hire a DJ when we can rent a speaker and plug my iPhone into it and put on a Spotify Playlist?

Hiring a DJ or a Band is the MOST important vendor you will choose for your wedding and here is why.  A Wedding DJ or Wedding Band creates the high-energy and engaging excitement that is needed for your wedding to be blast as well as leaving you and your guests with amazing life lasting memories.  But there’s a huge difference between a DJ and a Wedding DJ, or a Band and a Wedding Band.  You may hear someone say they’re a professional DJ/Band, but here’s the fact, there are different specialties. “Weddings are a specific specialty that you can’t just translate from other experiences” – Matt Cleveland (Occasions Disc Jockeys).  In addition,  they aren’t just playing music like you would on your Spotify or Apple Music playlist would. 

Your DJ or Band’s primary job is to:

  1. Play the right music at the right time,  read the crowd and adjust the playlist to keep everyone on the dance floor the entire time.
  2. Engage with you and your guests by making announcements and creating the high-energy and excitement that is needed for a fun and memorable wedding.
  3. Provide various types of lighting and effects to create a subtle or exciting ambiance,  based on your style or theme.
  4. Provide a professional sound system that sounds clean with no feedback or screeching.
  5. Manages your timeline and coordinates with all of your other vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly and that you both stay as stress-free as possible throughout your wedding day!

But I’m On A Budget?

Choosing a DJ shouldn’t be made based on price,  and don’t be fooled with a price that a DJ gives you without knowing their experience and reading through their reviews.  Most importantly,  make sure you meet with your DJ or Band to interview them to see if you mesh with them. The DJ  or Band you choose can either make or break your reception,  which is why interviewing them and reading their reviews is vital.

Is a more expensive DJ better than a cheaper DJ?

Not necessarily!  When you are interviewing DJs or Bands,  you are going to see a large range in pricing.  You’ll get quotes from $500 up to $5000 depending on what you are looking for,  but don’t let this turn you away or confuse you.

Think of a DJ/Band that gives you a quote of $500 vs. one that gives you a quote of $2500.  The performer charging $2500 is most likely insured to protect themselves and your guests in case of an accident,  their equipment will be higher quality,  their setup will look more professional and clean,  your Emcee won’t be awkward and make corny jokes,  and ultimately their experience will be significantly greater than a performer that gives you a quote of $500.

This does not mean that a $500 DJ/Band isn’t good,  it is very rare,  but sometimes you will find a DJ or Band looking for more experience which is why their rate is much lower.  This is why interviewing,  watching videos or seeing them perform live is vital.

DJ Tyler Ross

Founder & President | Ross Productions

(717) 799-7529


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